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Our partners

Our partner companies that we have co-created with Prodeo Ltd.



We're now an official reseller of InVentry. The InVentry management and sign-in solution is trusted by more that 10,000 schools and businesses. Find out how InVentry's electronic check in system can help your school by visiting their website


SMID Report

SMID allows schools to keep track of their pupils' Progress 8/Capped 9 data through our unique online platform. We work with secondary schools and sixth form colleges across England and Wales

Baseline Logo

Baseline Tests

An online platform where teachers can track their pupils' progress through the use of replica SATs papers and other assessment tools


Curriculum for Wales progress tracker. Designed specifically to track, monitor and feedback on progress within the new Welsh curriculum

Traciwr Logo


Introducing MySchoolAi, an innovative edtech company dedicated to revolutionising the way educators manage their workloads and streamline their processes. By harnessing the power of OpenAI's GPT API, we have developed a suite of AI-Driven tools specifically designed to support teachers, administrators, and school staff. Our mission is to empower educators by providing them with cutting-edge tools that save time, increase efficiency, and enhance the educational experience for students.

Myphizz Logo


A mental and physical wellbeing app that encourages pupils to take part in physical education through fun challenges and competition with peers 

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A state of the art, one stop system for organising, setting and monitoring cover lessons

T Level Tracker

An online platform designed specifically to track, monitor and feedback on T Level student progress

T Level Tracker Logo

Catholic Teachers Gazette

Originally conceived by John and Ann Burns to provide an effective means of our schools advertising posts, CTG has evolved into a staple of Catholic school life. 

We're really excited about what the future holds for CTG, ensuring the weekly publication and online platform meet your recruitment needs as well as developing other forums through which Catholic schools can attract the very best candidates. 

CTG Logo
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