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We're proud partners of IRIS Connect

One system. Thousands of journeys.

Impactful and adaptive instructional coaching, reflection and collaboration

Guide teachers through their individualised journey using the IRIS Connect platform.

  • Meet teachers where they are using state-of-the-art video technology

  • Build a shared vision of where practice could be with theory and research of vital teaching strategies

  • Guide teachers through individualised pathways using evidence-informed frameworks to successfully build, adapt and embed new skills

  • Track teachers' progress through your own dashboard 

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Dedicated PD consultancy, 

implementation and ongoing support

Successful change requires an incremental strategy that develops trust, reflective skills and supports collaboration. We've worked with thousands of schools to perfect this strategy.

Together, we'll build and deliver a plan based on your goals, proactively supporting you through our consultancy and learning programmes. Together, we'll secure visible progress for every teacher and every learner.

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Powerfully simple lesson recording technology and integrated professional development platform

Record your lesson on video and review it via your secure, private account on our cloud-based platform. Allowing you to: 

  • Deconstruct the lesson to gain objective, deep classroom insights

  • Give and receive valuable, contextualised feedback from a colleague or coach at the click of a button

  • Share resources within your school or trust and build libraries of real teaching practice in a secure place online

  • Follow personalised, structured learning pathways on specific areas of pedagogy

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